Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation of a Margarita machine?
- By telephone call us at (915) 345-2867
- By e-mail send request to
- Book online at

What areas are available for delivery?
- We currently deliver to El Paso, Socorro and Horizon

Is there is deposit required for the rental?
- No, there is no deposit required for the equipment reservation or rental

When is the payment of the rental due?
- Payment is picked right after delivery of the equipment, no exceptions.

Do I need to wash or clean the margarita machine after use?
- No, there is no need to wash or clean the equipment after the rental. Our staff will pick and clean any normal residue on the equipment.

Who is responsible for the equipment once is rented?
- The person sigining the rental agreement is responsible of the leased equipment up until return. For that reason, a valid identification is needed on delivery.

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